Project Development.

Standing proudly on the Reykjavik seafront is the Sólfar, a gleaming stainless steel sculpture by Jón Gunnar Árnason, conveying the promise of undiscovered territory, hope, and progress. A fitting symbol of Javelin's ambition to Move Commodities Forward, forging tangible solutions for the green transition in the hardest to abate sectors and supporting the positive repurposing of mine lands to bring new opportunities to their communities.

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Investing in Communities.

Javelin is determined to bring a new approach to renewable project development, a holistic and partnership approach which looks to enhance value creation across renewable power, carbon, renewable fuels, and wider innovations to ensure value is maximised for the land and its communities.

Core Products.

Javelin is particularly focused on supporting the positive transitioning of mine lands to accelerate its repurposing, mitigate the economic impacts to the local mining communities, supporting the environment and energy transition.

Solar, Wind & Energy Storage

Originating, advising, developing and investing in the development of utility scale projects.

Renewable & Net Zero Fuels

Originating, advising, developing and investing in the development of carbon capture, hydrogen, ammonia, methanol and synthesis gases to bring zero to low carbon fuels.

Green Carbon

Originating, advising, developing and investing in the development of biomass, biocarbon, and carbon sequestration projects.

Core Services.

Javelin's development team looks beyond simply counting how many MW of electricity the land could support; they take a holistic approach as to how the land resources can be best utilised to create long-term sustainable value. Where a site can be challenged on its interconnectivity with the power grids, the team will assess its suitability for distributed energy and renewable fuel applications, how it might be able to support biomass and biocarbon supply chains, how the land could support carbon sequestration and biodiversity.


Project Support

Javelin is engaged in a wide range of renewable and net zero projects across its global footprint. Developments spanning early-stage project feasibility to maturing the project into operation.

Javelin's involvement in projects extends from technical and commercial assessments to offtake and financial support.


Project Offtake & Marketing Services

Javelin enters into principal offtake or agency agreements, giving projects access to our global network of clients.


Logistic Solutions

Javelin manages all aspects of the delivery of commodities including rail, barge, truck and ocean freight. Projects benefit from the reduced administrative cost, economies of scale and the Javelin team's creativity.


Technical Management

Javelin provides technical services to the landowners and its wider communities to help identify the technologies, land uses and financial support frameworks across grants, subsidies, and incentives.


Financing Solutions

Javelin provides financing support to our customers which includes: Producer repayments, consumer delayed payment terms, inventory and accounts receivable or more complex debt and equity financings.