Core Commodities.

A global leader in commodity trading, Javelin has a focus on developing new and existing marketing alongside the execution of new strategies, technologies, products and projects.

Proven capability in management and financing - coupled with our extensive relationships with producers and providers - allows us to offer our clients comprehensive, full service solutions.

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Bulk Commodities.

Javelin is one of the largest commodity companies in the world, supplying the power, cement, steel and industrial sectors.

Bulk Commodities at Javelin

Steel Scrap, HBI and other Steel Products.

Javelin has an especially strong global presence in this market and the development of green steel future solutions and logistics routes.

Steel Scrap, HBI and other Steel Products at Javelin

Green Carbon Products.

Javelin is focused on our commitment to global innovation and low carbon or carbon-negative products which are commercially viable.

Green Carbon Products at Javelin

Renewable Energy Products.

With the best available technologies to hand, Javelin is supporting the development of green and blue renewable fuels to deliver carbon emission reduction.

Renewable Energy Products at Javelin

Renewable Project Development.

Javelin is focused on supporting the positive transitioning of mine lands to accelerate its repurposing, mitigate the economic impacts to the local mining communities, supporting the environment and energy transition.

Renewable Project Development

Soft and Industrial Commodities.

A growing player in this sector, Javelin is focused on developing a leading soft and industrial commodity business with a global reach.

Soft and Industrial Commodities at Javelin

Oil and Refined Products.

Javelin is aiming to become one of the leading global hydrocarbon businesses with our extensive commodity relationships and access to logistics.

Oil and Refined Products at Javelin

Ocean Freight and Logistics.

Javelin's clients benefit from our economies of scale. Resulting in better pricing, flexibility, and performance for shipping and freight services.

Ocean Freight and Logistics services at Javelin