Energy Products.

Javelin is focused on being a global innovator and leader in the development of renewable fuels. Drawing upon the best available technologies across renewable energies, carbon capture, hydrogen, ammonia, methanol and synthesis gases to bring zero to low carbon fuels to the power, steel, transport and industrial markets.

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Core Products.

Javelin is focused on supporting the industry in the evaluation and execution of new strategies, technologies, products and projects to support the development of green and blue renewable fuels. Fuels that would enable the delivery of sustainable and commercially viable reductions in carbon emissions for the steel, agriculture, electricity and transportation sectors. Our extensive relationships with technology providers, producers, consumers and logistic providers, as well as our risk management and financing capabilities, allow us to provide one stop shop solutions for our clients’ needs.


Supplying green hydrogen from renewable sources (e.g. solar or wind) or blue hydrogen from natural gas (e.g. SMR with CCS) for the green steel, transportation, energy storage and power sectors.


Supplying green ammonia from renewable sources & blue ammonia from natural gas for the agriculture, power and shipping markets. Ammonia is a strong hydrogen energy carrier, allowing hydrogen to be transported long distance including into the overseas power, marine and transportation sectors.


Supplying low to zero carbon methanol from recycled and renewable resources in support of industrial purposes and increasingly as an alternative to HFO within shipping.


Supplying synfuel and its feedstock in support of alternative cleaner fuels like renewable methanol, diesel, aviation fuel and as an alternative source of hydrogen within industry.

Core Services


Project Support

Javelin is engaged in a wide spectrum of projects to help reduce carbon emissions in the steel, agriculture, power, automotive and marine transportation sectors. Javelin’s involvement in projects extends from technical and commercial assessments to offtake and financial support.


Producer Offtake & Marketing Services

Javelin enters into principal offtake or agency agreements, giving producers access to our global network of clients.


Consumer Supply & Procurement Services

Javelin enters into principal supply or agency agreements, giving clients access to our global network of producer relationships.


Logistic Solutions

Javelin manages all aspects of the delivery of commodities including rail, barge, truck and ocean freight. Clients benefit from the reduced administrative cost, economies of scale and Javelin team’s creativity.


Technical Management

Javelin provides technical services to the power, steel,  industrial, transportation and agriculture sectors to help identify the technologies and lowest all in delivered cost (including cost of transportation).


Financing Solutions

Javelin provides financing to support our customers which includes: producer prepayments, consumer delayed payment terms, inventory and accounts receivable financing or more complex debt and equity financings.