Our Values.

Driven by our core values and putting our clients’ needs first, we pride ourselves on the delivery of unrivalled excellence. Clarity and transparency are a priority for us, our team adheres to the highest of legal and ethical standards — it’s integral to our employee mindset.

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Our Values

Operating across 100 countries and six continents, we are guided by our core values to offer our clients an unparalleled level of global service and international expertise.


Customer Service

At Javelin, the clients undeniably always come first. Our team goes to the greatest lengths to ensure that the quality of the service we provide to our customers is best in class. Our team expertise across all business functions comes together to address each client matter. We collaborate and work seamlessly across our seven offices in over six continents. We are often faced with our clients’ most difficult and demanding needs in uncertain and volatile markets, and without fail we are constantly determined to provide first class service and innovative solutions, to allow us to build long lasting client relationships. Our expertise and advice are at the fingertips of our clients and we pride ourselves on always remaining flexible and available. Javelin work ethic and commitment to providing an exceptional client service distinguishes us from our competition.



The Javelin team approaches each client transaction with an individually focused and entrepreneurial perspective. Every client has a unique set of needs and goals and the Javelin team readily leverages our tools to problem-solve and develop tailored solutions. Whether it comes to optimizing an existing business model, structuring a new transaction, executing a new strategy, testing a new product or technology, our team will think outside the box to address unique client needs. With each new client opportunity, our team collaborates quickly and efficiently to understand the issues at hand and innovate practical solutions.



Javelin consistently and actively strives to provide full transparency to its clients and employees alike. Honesty and clarity are at the core of our business. When we transact with or on behalf of clients, for example, in back-to-back commodities transactions, we transact on an open book basis and explain every step of the process. At Javelin, we encourage and constantly learn from clients and counterparty feedback and welcome dialogue in every facet of our business.



At Javelin, we value integrity with the utmost importance. Our experienced team has a long-term perspective and all team members have a duty and responsibility to conduct their work in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as the high ethical standards maintained by Javelin. Our Code of Conduct is amongst the most stringent in our industry. We expect the same from our industry partners and conduct rigorous due diligence on all counterparties before entering into any new transaction, including the industry standard “Know-Your-Counterparty” evaluations. Our business team works side-by-side with our legal and compliance teams at all times to ensure that we are in compliance with the high standards set by Javelin.


Operational Excellence

At Javelin, we pride ourselves on delivering on all our commitments with unrivalled excellence, recognising the importance of the physical needs of our clients. We operate in an uncertain environment in the flow of physical commodities, and as such set the highest bar on ensuring all aspects of the physical deliveries are achieved with the optimal efficiency. Led by our experienced global team of professionals with industry leading risk management and logistical systems, we are able to offer the highest level of delivery performance. The growth in Javelin is testament to our operational excellence.