Green Carbon

Javelin is committed to becoming a global innovator and supplier of affordable, sustainable and commercially viable low carbon or carbon negative products to tackle some of industries hardest CO2 abatement challenges.

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Core Products.

Javelin is focused on supporting our clients in the evaluation and execution of new strategies, technologies, products, and projects to support the development of Green Carbon products and solutions. Combining proven technologies, innovation, and unrivaled market access, Javelin will support the transition to greener metals; recycling of waste; remediation of land; enhancement of soil as well as carbon capture.


Supplying organic feedstocks to be used as a fuel within the energy supply chain. White biomass pellets are typically made of wood with a fixed carbon content 15 to 25%. Black biomass pellets are torrefied to enhance the bulk density, energy content, hydrophobicity with a fixed carbon content 20 to 35%

Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF)

Supplying an alternative feedstock which can be used within the energy supply chain and increasingly as a source of hydrogen for gasification. SRF Pellets are made from materials recovered from municipal and commercial waste; the feedstock is a mix of dry waste materials such as wood, paper, card and non-chlorinated plastics.


Supplying organic feedstocks to be used as a reductant and met coke replacement within the steel (electric arc and blast furnace) markets and a source of carbon for the ferro alloy markets. Biocarbon are typically made of wood that are processed to achieve a fixed carbon content of 65%+ for the ferro alloy market and 80-90% for the steel markets (e.g. Biocoke).


Supplying organic feedstocks to be used as a soil enhancement within the farming, land remediation and fertiliser markets. Bio-char are typically made of agricultural and forest waste processed to enhance the fixed carbon content to greater than 50%. Bio-char act as a low cost carbon capture solution that can qualify for the various cap and trade and voluntary carbon credit offset markets.

Carbon Certifications

Originating, advising, developing and investing in the development of global carbon certification environmental projects that can be monetised through the various global carbon cap and trade (e.g. California) or voluntary markets (e.g. VERRA and Gold Standard).

Core Services.


Project Support

Javelin is engaged in a wide spectrum of bioenergy projects to help reduce carbon emissions in the power, farming and land remediation, industrial and steel sectors. Javelin’s project support includes all our services including technical and commercial assessments to offtake, working capital and financial support.


Producer Offtake & Marketing Services

Javelin enters into principal offtake or agency agreements, providing producers access to our global network of clients.


Consumer Supply & Procurement Services

Javelin enters into principal supply or agency agreements, providing clients access to our global network of producer relationships.


Logistic Solutions

Javelin manages all aspects of the delivery of commodities including rail, barge, truck and ocean freight. Clients benefit from the reduced administrative cost, economies of scale and Javelin team’s creativity.


Technical Management

Javelin provides technical services to the power, farming, land remediation, water filtration and steel sectors to help identify the technologies and lowest all in delivered cost of green carbon supplied (including cost of transportation).


Financing Solutions

Javelin provides financing to support our customers which includes: producer prepayments, consumer delayed payment terms, inventory and accounts receivable financing or more complex debt and equity financings.